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Old Barn Removers Needed

We are looking for old barn removers, dismantlers and demolishers in all states.

*By signing up to look at the barns you are identifying yourself as a barn dismantler, someone we can call upon to take down a barn if needed. Please, if you’re not a dismantler disclaim that in the comments section when you sign up. Timeless Lumber Company would like to let you know you’re paying for a finder’s fee. The time and effort we have put in organizing and listing these barns for dismantlers across the country. We cannot give you the owners’ information until the referral is paid for and as a courtesy we like to call the owners before you buy the referral to make sure the barn is still available for take down. Each day our system is flooded with requests for barns to be dismantled across the country, we are unable to take them all down ourselves thus we have created this referral system.

Click Here! To see the barns that need to be removed in your area before they are gone.

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Thank you for your interest in our company and giving us the chance to serve you.