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Born Again Detroit Carpentry

Below are some examples of the beautiful work that Robbie Fortney, the artist of the company Born Again Detroit Custom Carpentry, created by using wood and materials that come from the falling barns, warehouses, small businesses, tear-downs, and scrap piles scattered about Southeast Michigan. Whether it held aging wine in a barrel, wine in bottles as they shipped the globe, or held the roof up over the heads of a storied string of Detroit families, God’s own artwork, the natural beauty of wood, is waiting in dark dusty corners for somebody to come reveal it. Salvaged, revitalized, resurrected, using his unique eye to give new life to recycled wood.

In his own words:
Anything goes in my shop. I have developed prototypes for some “flagship” items, but they all have room to be fully customized. Most of my builds have arisen from necessity, be it functionality or simply to artfully furnish a space with idyllic character. I would be happy to regenerate any of the things pictured on this site, or to talk ideas with you about how to form fit something to your needs, something truly yours, and one of a kind.”

If you would like to contact Robbie to discuss the possibility of getting some of his beautiful work for yourself the information is below:

Robbie Fortney
Born Again Detroit Custom Carpentry
(248) 464-0407
Have a Blessed Day


Born Again Detroit Carpentry

This living/dining room is crawling with material reclaimed by the Folks at Timeless Lumber Company. Everything from the built in buffet and accent wall, to the 8×8 hand-hewn elm beam that was split in two for a hanging light fixture and hearty mantle, to the wine rack, table, and benches, all of the wood adorning the room is older than the house.

This shadow box style bed frame is built from material reclaimed from a variety of barns creating a gradient type of appeal.

A table fit for a king, or at least a chef. Howell native chef James Rigato requested a table on which he could serve family style Italian dinner one night, and butcher a whole pig on the next. Reclaimed quarter-sawn oak top riddled with carriage bolt-holes and bracket stains. The base is mostly oak as well with a few unidentified species sneaking in there.

A grand dinner table comprised of beetle ridden hickory on top and dazzling elm underneath.

A rugged farmhouse style table with a bit of elegant chic in the curvature and light grey-wash finish. 100% reclaimed oak.