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Fireplace Mantels

Here are some good images of installed authentic reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantels made from barn beams and timbers. We can supply hand hewn, circle sawn, or rough sawn in most any species from oak, elm, ash, hickory, pine, and maple. Come and pick out your unique piece of history to hang over your fireplace. See some of the mantels we have available right now on our Mantel Sale page.


Fireplace Mantels

This is one of our curly maple mantels one of our clients mounted above their fireplace. We plane curly maple 90% to leave a few saw marks and rustic edges. This allows the true beauty of the curly quilted grain to really pop out. Adding three coats of polyurethane adds some real depth to this particular wood.

We made corbels and provided mounting bolts so this was a real easy install for the average person.

One of our clients sent us this picture of an elm mantel piece they purchased from us. We like all the nail holes facing out and the color goes good with the floor.

Oak barn beam mantel with beautiful brown patina, mortises cut in the top, large knot and cracks on the front face and live edge on the front lower edge. (Dimensions: 8” wide by 8” deep by 62” long)

Another nice mantel piece with corbel beams that go clean through the fireplace to support mantels on both sides.

Beautiful corner fireplace mantel built by one of our customers. The comment he left was:
“We did all the work ourselves and are really proud of the results and how the new mantel brings it all together.. I believe you told me the barn was from the early 1900s and if that holds true after counting the rings on the mantel from the CORE!!! We estimate the mantel being between 200 and 235 years old!!!”

Another gorgeous mantel made from reclaimed barnwood!

Who doesn’t want an ourdoor patio fireplace “beaming” with wilderness?!
This mantel supported by brick corbels adds a great rustic touch.

Beautiful double sided fireplace with a smaller mantel on the dining room side and a larger one on the living room side.

These next mantels were done by Rick Schmidt
Owner of Schmidt Renovation & Construction

Another beautiful mantel done by one of our customers, he said he had enough length to make his own corbels for the mantel.

“For this one our Customer wrote,
“We wanted to share the finished mantle project with you. We absolutely love the look of our new mantle.Thank you for being so helpful when we picked out just the right piece of wood. You are awesome.”

A unique distressed pine mantel beam. We like the pine for mantels because they are light weight for installation and generally have a more aged worn character with more dings and dents because of the softer wood.

Simple but elegant design by one of our clients. Using our 4″x10″ pine barn wood we cut corbels and notched out for a 2″x6″ backer board that the corbels could be premounted to. Then the 2″x6″ could be bolted to the wall behind the mantel piece where ever a stud was. Slide the mantel on and fasted with a few nails through the top and wahlah! A well supported mantel with no bolts showing.

Mantel with corbels made from an 1880’s reclaimed sycamore barn bean. The mantel has a natural finish with original nail holes, circle sawn marks and distressing. (Dimensions: 7’ wide by 6” deep by 3 1/2” thick)

Real nice mantel on flat stone sent in by Jenny Mangin.

End of the mantel by our customer where they were able to add a plug for those Christmas lights!

Look at this beautiful mantel placed right before Christmas time. With a glowing fireplace this piece fits right in adding such nice character to the wall.