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Free Barn Removal!

Our professionals will-
Completely dismantle and remove the entire barn excluding anything that is inside the barn, the foundation, or silos. Any items inside of the barn are the owner’s responsibility unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

Clean up the entire site leaving only ashes from burning non-salvageable barn wood and the foundation. Includes raking the site, picking up nails and scrap metal, and hauling off any unburnable barn materials. If burning of barn wood is not allowed in your area other means of removal will need to be determined.

All salvageable barn materials that are attached to the barn become our property in lieu of removing the barn at no cost to the property owner. We evaluate each barn individually to determine if there is enough salvageable material to pay for the labor, machinery, and shipping involved in offering this free service.

We are proud to provide this very eco-friendly way to possibly lower your liability, property tax and home owners insurance, while regaining usable land. In addition, we save some trees through the reclaiming of old barn wood for timber framing and rustic decor in other markets.

Please Read Carefully! (Before you call)

If you would like us to consider your barn or have it posted on our web site to possibly be referred to a barn removal professional in your area please read and agree to all the information here.

We do travel far or try to refer to dismantlers all over the country just to keep the wood from a land fill.

Your personal information will not be posted but stored in our data base and only be given to serious inquiries to get your barn removed. We will then remove your information when you contact us that our services are no longer needed.

We or another dismantler will contact you only when there is an interest in your barn. This may be quick or take some years.

Many of the barns are removed on a supply and demand basis. So please be patient in the understanding that we make every effort to keep this a free or low cost opportunity. We cannot answer any questions about your barn or tell if we or others are interested without the Barn Removal Request form filled out and preferable pictures sent to

We spend a lot of time and effort posting and making sure our web site info is up to date. Much of that is contacting and referring these barns to other dismantlers free of charge to you the barn owner.

In submitting the form you agree to help us in this effort by contacting us when your barn has been removed or its condition has changed. You also agree that the barn details can be advertised on our web site minus your contact information.

To answer most common questions please read What We Are Looking For to perform a free barn removal before you call.

Thank you for your time and understanding, and the chance to serve your barn removal needs.
Please click! The button below in order to fill out a Barn Removal Request form.

If you need to contact us, send pictures after you have submitted a request, or you feel there is some more info that should be on this page or please email

We do not like to see any parts of these barns go to waste. See what we and others build and sell on our Distinctive Products and Miscellaneous Projects pages.

Due to the overwhelming response to this web page, we are looking for Barn remover / dismantlers in all states.
Go to our Barn Removers Needed page to learn more.